Éder Militão by TRM Scouting

Éder Militão by TRM Scouting


Written by: Thom Harting

Name: Eder Gabriel

Surname: Militão

Birthdate: January 18, 1998

Birthplace: Brazil

Nationality: Brazilian

Height: 1,86 meters

Preferred foot: Right

Natural position: Right Back

Second position: Centre Back/Defensive midfielder

Club: Sao Paulo




Eder Militão was born and raised in Brazil, in 2005 he joined the famous youth academy of Sao Paulo and played there since. Militão joined the first team in 2017 and managed to gain a place in the first eleven up until now.


Technical qualities:

Eder Militão is a fast and aggressive defender, his physical abilities give him an advantage while battling opponents. Although Militão is a big and strong defender he is very athletic for his posture which he shows in his jumping which makes him very solid in the air, but also his maneuverability is very good for a big defender like him. Militão is an example of a modern defender, next to his defensive capabilities he has the pace to play with a lot of space in his back giving him the opportunity to regain possession during a counter attack. Because Militão is mainly playing as a right back he is asked to contribute to the offensive game of Sao Paulo as well. When Militão joined the first team he was still struggling in dividing his energy in the right way to contribute both defensively as well as offensively, however, he improved his on the ball movement very well and he has turned into a real menace on the right flank with his rushes and crosses. Due to his posture and athletic abilities Militão is a consistent danger when it comes to set pieces he needs to contribute more to the team in terms of goals.


Mental qualities:

Militão is an example of the South-American mentality which means that he is a real winner and will put everything into his game to win the match. A point to improve on is to master his emotions during a game and try not to be involved in discussions with either opponents or the referee, however, this may improve while Militão grows older and plays more games. Overall Militão appears to be a calm guy with enough intelligence to become a very good player.


Physical qualities:

As mentioned before Militão is a big guy with who is technically very advanced for a player with his posture. He is able to turn quickly while being in a 1-vs-1 with an attacker, in addition to that, he has the pace to play a role offensively but also to track fast attackers. Militão has a good stamina which provides him to put a lot of energy in his game during the whole match. However, when the match approaches its end Militão is likely to slow down on his offensive contribution and focus with all his energy on the defensive part of his game.



Militão is overall quite a complete defender although he still has some weaknesses which need improvement. His contribution on the ball needs to improve when he wants to make the next step in his career, especially when he wants to make it in Europe, he is still lacking in possession-based play and is likely to play a direct long ball to the forwards instead of setting up and attack through midfield. Also, his tactical awareness needs some improvement in order to make the next step in his career, his positioning both defensively and offensively need improvement in order to contribute more to the team and be a more solid player overall.


Author: Thom Harting (TRM Scouting)
Link: https://trmscouting.wordpress.com/2018/04/12/eder-militao-1998/

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