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Name: Caden Clark
Date of birth: 27/05/2003
Country: United States
Height: 180 cm
Preferred foot: Right
Position: Attacking Midfielder
Club: New York Red Bull


  • Off the ball movements
  • Vision
  • Passing
  • Aggressivity
  • Positioning
  • Technique


  • Aerial duel
  • Concentration

Caden Clark native of Medina, Minnesota started the football at the age of 3. After a few years of football, he took a next step in his young career by joining the Barça academy in Casa Grande, Arizona, at the age of 13. During this process, he impresses the staff, which allowed him to do some training in La Masia. After a few trials in different teams, he decided to join the New York Red Bull. Choosing this club appears to be a good strategy for him to get prepared for a higher level as the Red Bull group is well-known for the growth of football talent across the world. However, before playing for the first team in MLS, he has to play in the USL with New York Red Bull II where he quickly imposes in the starting XI.

This season in USL:

12 games played (908 minutes played)
3 goals
5 assists

He is the U18 player which made the more assist and created the most chances


In this New York Red Bull II team, he played as an attacking midfielder. His great positioning ability, vision and passing game allowed him to link up with attacking players. He offers this support in different heights of the field and brings superiority attacking strategic area. In a team which plays mostly in transition, he offers this direct play to quickly create the danger.

He highlights himself on the field with his work off-the ball, he is the first to engage the pressing to disturb the first stage of play of the opponent. His intensity allows him to recover and be dominant with the ball to drive it forward.

We can find him in different areas of the field, in the axis or in a wide position. He can come to bring a support in the first stages of the game, he can offer solutions between the lines and also attack the spaces in the last third to offer solutions to conclude or create occasions. He is a player who controls the spaces on the field, he knows where to get positioned to receive the ball, he takes the information before receiving the ball, which allows him to know where to find his partners at the reception and play with them.

He needs to be more confident with the ball, in some situations the game needs to be slowed down; with his qualities, he could hold the ball a little more. A better understanding of this notion of time would allow him to dictate the tempo.

His precise right foot allows him to find his partners in different positions on the field. He can alternate between short and long pass to play with his partners. He mostly plays with his right foot, but when he is in a position to play on his left foot, he does not hesitate to use it, although it is less precise than his main foot.

The control of the spaces:

His movements offer various solutions which he alternates solution in the basis of the game, between the lines or also bringing depth solution attacking the last defensive line and getting into the final third. Those movements allowed him to influence the attacking play in the build-up play but also in the conclusion:

Between the lines (1/2)


Between the lines (2/2)


Offering depth (1/1)

Those variations of movements bring him this variety to influence in different height. Offering this support between the lines to link the attack but also having this ability to attack the space in the right timing to get into the final third and get into scoring situation. He can receive the ball in the axis or in a wide position, with this ability to made the right pass and taking the information to scan the field and identify his partners next to him, he can quickly made the good decision to find his partners in different areas.

Caden Clark, off the ball movements video:

Time control:

In a team, which mostly play in transition, he might be forced to prioritize the direct play to engage an attack. That way, he can play automatically vertically to find partners even if they are not in a position to dominate attack which can lead to ball losses. With his ability to take the information to see where his partners are before receiving the ball and this capacity to hold and deliver the ball, he has the ability to slow down the tempo and take control of the rhythm of the play to organise the attack.

Caden Clark, holding the ball waiting a better attacking solution video:

Caden Clark, taking information and delivering the ball video:

He can rely a little too much on his vision of the game and passing precision to launch the attacks. However, with the ball, he needs to improve his time management to be able to slow down when the game calls for it. He must be more confident in his quality to hold the ball. Once he integrates this notion of time in his play, he could dictate the game as he wishes.

Intensity of play:

A lot of runs off the ball to put pressure on defenders and allow the team to get into the opposite camps. His pressure over the field allows him to make some recoveries in different areas which allows him to make transitions. This good aggressiveness allows him to block transitions and get back the ball back.

Disturbing first stage of play (1/2)


Disturbing first stage of play (2/2)

This intensity also helps him in attacking position, to put pressure on defenders and dominate the ball and attack the space

Intensity in attack (1/2)


Intensity in attack (2/2)

A great intensity with and without the ball to dominate different areas, to block attacking situations of the opposite team, but also to launch transitions or defend in his own camp. He defends mostly with intensity and sometimes can rush on his defense and get unmarked but most of the times, his interventions are executed in the right tempo. He mostly seeks to defend on his feet.

Caden Clark, intensity of play video:


Caden Clark quickly found his spot in the New York Red Bull II squad, becoming one of the most decisive players with 8 goals in 12 matches (3 goals / 5 assists). His performance and his gradual evolution could allow him to take a step forward by joining the first team of New York Red Bull.

Once with the first team, his goal will be joining the many young talents who have emerged in MLS. Being part of the first team and playing at the highest level could only have a positive effect on his physical and tactical development.

Good performances in MLS and constant evolution would allow Caden Clark to cross the Atlantic to continue his evolution as a footballer. A lot of promise surrounds the young Caden, which can only be achieved through the effort of work

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