Adam Arvelo by Kaba


Full name: Adam Arvelo López

Country: Spain

Birthday place: Candelaria (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

Date of birth: (31/05/2005)

Age: 15

Height: 1,74 M

Youths teams: Tenerife (2015-17) & Villarreal (2017-20)

Current team: Real Madrid (since 2020)

Category: Cadete A (U16)

Number: 7

Current national team: Spain U-15

Position: AM – LW – RW

Preferred foot: Left

Market Value: –

Contract until: –

Player’s Agent: –

Similar player: Ángel Di María


  • Pace and acceleration
  • Balance
  • Dribbling
  • Technique
  • First touch
  • Ball control
  • Passing
  • Crosssing
  • Creativity
  • Vision
  • Agility

Improvements :

  • Finishing
  • Some of his decisions (especially in the last third of the field)

Playing style:

  • Inverted winger
  • Can play on both wings even if he’s better as a right-winger
  • Can also plays as an attacking midfielder
  • Player with great creativity, technique, mobility, acceleration & dribbling skills
  • Player with great pace, coordination and agility
  • He likes to dribble
  • He likes to use body feints & stepovers to beat his opponent’s
  • He likes to have ball to his feet to make runs
  • He likes to receive the ball on the side and go inside to combine with his teammates, to shoot or to make filtered passes
  • He often gets fouled
  • The opponents teams often have to double up on him and that frees up space for his teammates
  • It is very hard to take the ball from him thanks to his ball protection, his low centre gravity, his balance & his technical quality
  • Great change of pace, he is able to quickly change direction while keeping control of the ball
  • He has a very good ball handling which translates into a high touch frequency, speed and precision
  • Very good in 1V1: he is fast, very good dribbler, unpredictable and has a lot of confidence in his qualities and skills
  • He is able to create opportunities on his own by making great breakthroughs
  • He likes to drop deep to receive the ball and make long runs or to find teammates with good passes
  • Player with great crossing skills, he’s able to carry out precise and tense crosses that often arrive in good areas where defenders and GKS find it difficult to intervene
  • Dangerous in counter-attack thanks to his pace & acceleration
  • Very intelligent in his movements & decisions: he knows when to speed up, when to cut inside, when to go alone and when to pass to a teammate
  • He is intelligent in his positioning, he doesn’t stand still and knows where to stand to receive the ball in the best conditions and knows how to create space and time for himself
  • He has a good flow of energy on the pitch: he is rarely at a standstill, always suggests solutions to his teammates and also makes defensive efforts


Adam Arvelo is a 15-year-old player who joined the Real Madrid academy – La Fábrica – this season from Villarreal. The club beat Barcelona and two English teams to sign the young winger, according to Spanish sources. A winger with a left leg and able to play sideways, Adam is an extremely talented player who performs in many facets of the game and doesn’t seem to have few areas where he’s not good – he knows how to do everything on the pitch: technique, long balls, first touch, dribbling, creativity, passing and crossing skills and more…

When he plays on the left side, he often came inside the game to find his teammates in the spaces or to try to combine with them. He starts on the left side but moves around a lot and likes to be in the centre of the field and have freedom of movement. He doesn’t hesitate to drop deep to receive the ball and plays a bit of an attacking midfielder role and he likes to make great runs with the ball on his feet.

He is also able to overrun his opposite number and find his teammates with accurate crosses. He can cross at first intention and can direct a ball towards a dangerous area (In an area where it is very difficult for the defenders and the goalkeeper to make an intervention) even if he can’t necessarily find a teammate.

He has a good technical relationship with the ball: his ball touches are refined, the ball does not escape him much when he drives the ball accurately and quickly – the ball is almost glued to his feet -, this allows him to eliminate / dribble past his direct opponents well and to be unpredictable in his dribbles. He likes to make feints to hide his intentions from the opponent and to put the latter in a situation where he cannot intervene too much – but he does not use this weapon in an exaggerated way, but rather in a thoughtful and appropriate manner. He has a good change of space and this is associated with a great capacity for dribbling: short and long hooks, quick changes of direction.

He is a player with a good football IQ, he is very intelligent in everything he does on the pitch. Before receiving the ball, he looks and analyses everything around him and once he receives it, he often makes the right choices: he knows when to pass (where to pass and to whom), when to dribble and when to slow down the game – even if he sometimes makes bad choices and can still be better in this area. He is also intelligent in his positioning, he doesn’t stand still and knows where to stand to receive the ball in the best conditions and knows how to create space and time for himself. He is a very creative player who doesn’t just make “simple” passes, he likes to take risks in his game and has a very good passing quality and vision – he makes very good side changes but also good tight crosses that arrive in the right area.

However, he has areas of his game where he still needs to improve. He could be even better player if he improved his finishing in front of goal and some of his decisions on the field.

To conclude, Adam Arvelo is a young player who is extremely promising and who gives the feeling of being above the other players on the field. This season, I will follow him closely with the Cadete A (U16) and I hope that he will progress well and have a great season.

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