Alexi Pitu by Paco

Alexi Pitu by Paco

D.O.B: 05/06/2002 (19)
Club: Farul Constanța (Romanian Liga I)

Alexi Pitu is a right footed winger, who plays predominantly on the left, although he can also operate on the right or as an attacking midfielder.

Pitu likes to cut inside from the left, before looking to beat a man or find a teammate. Occasionally Pitu will try taking on several players before getting a shot away. Pitu is an adept dribbler with good control in tight spaces.

Pitu is a competent passer. His weight of pass is good, as well as his ability to select the correct pass. Despite his skill as a dribbler, generally Pitu knows when to release the ball – He tends to limit his dribble attempts to the final third.

From deep positions, he likes to play quick passes taking as few touches as possible. Pitu often receives the ball in a deeper position during buildup, marked and with his back to goal. From here, Pitu looks to play a first time pass before bursting into the space behind his marker.

Although Pitu is a winger, he likes to come inside to receive the ball, particularly in the final third. Pitu reacts to (personally) losing the ball by immediately chasing it down and sometimes diving into a challenge.

Standing at 5”10, Pitu is not small, though he doesn’t have the largest frame. He can be shoved off the ball by most opposing defenders. At only 19, he will fill out, and this should be less of an issue with age.


• Reasonably quick
• Good dribbler
• Good first touch
• Good technique
• Fast feet in tight spaces
• Agile


• Strength
• Aerial duels
• Limited use of weaker foot

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