Alejandro Jiménez – La Fábrica’s most promising right-back by Kaba

Alejandro Jiménez – La Fábrica’s most promising right-back by Kaba

Full name: Alejandro Jiménez Sánchez

Country: Spain

Place of birth: Madrid

Date of birth: 08/05/2005 (16)

Height: –

Youth teams: Talavera (2010-11), UD Talavera (2011-12)

Current team: Real Madrid (since 2012)

Current national team: Spain U17

Position: right-back

Preferred foot: right

Market Value: –

Contract until: –

Player’s Agent: Eugenio Botas Agency

Similar types of players: Kyle Walker & Youcef Atal


  • pace and acceleration
  • dynamism
  • dribbling
  • technique
  • crossing
  • passing
  • agility
  • determination
  • athleticism
  • intercepting

Playing style:

  • attacking full-back
  • complete full-back who brings both offensively & defensively
  • player with great pace and acceleration
  • attacking minded player who is very vertical in his game & likes to move forward whenever he can
  • good agility, coordination and balance
  • he likes to take his right flank, split to the side to make a cross or to dribble past his opponent and then assist his teammates
  • he likes to make long runs with the ball at his feet
  • he likes to make overlapping runs up and down the wing
  • very direct in his game & he likes to take players on and get down to the byline
  • he has great timing on his forward runs: he often makes them at the right time
  • he has a great physical condition, good stamina and is able to repeat a lot of effort during the 90 minutes
  • good tactical and spatial intelligence: he knows exactly what kind of runs to make depending on what his winger is doing and where he is
  • he is able to play in different game configurations, to shine in transition thanks to his speed but also in positional attack thanks to his ability to combine with his teammates and to make good crosses
  • he has a good technical ability: his ball control is good and even when he is under pressure he doesn’t panic and tries to play as fair as possible but he also has the lucidity to clear the ball / make a long pass if he can’t find solutions
  • while defending, he uses his body well to shield the ball when the opponent tries to dribble it
  • when he receives the ball on the side and the opposing winger comes to press him, he likes to go inside with a very aggressive dribble
  • very aggressive on the ball carrier
  • solid in hand to hand duels
  • he uses his body very well in opposition to protect and recover the ball when the opponent tries to dribble him / outpaced him
  • knows what type of running to do depending on the situation
  • also knows how to position himself inside when his winger is running along the touchline
  • he is intelligent and good tactically: he has a good reading of the game, he knows when, how and why to go forward
  • he knows how to exploit superiority on the right side and knows how to adapt and what moves to make depending on the type of winger he is playing with
  • while defending on the side, his defensive stance allows him to react quickly to the opponent winger: he tries to limite the space available to the winger & push him towards the touchline
  • he is good defensively: he knows how and when to come to the aid of his opponents, he is quick to block opposing players and knows how to be aggressive


  • he can still improve his defensive positioning in certain situations: sometimes he gets caught a bit too easily at his back & he leaves a little too much space for the opposing player at times even if he manages to recover the position thanks to his great recovery pace
  • he may go a bit too fast sometimes in what he does and he should be calmer and manage his hyper-activity on certain actions
  • he sometimes makes faults against opponents due to lack of patience and these are faults that are avoidable


Alejandro Jiménez is a 16-year-old right-back who is one of La Fábrica’s oldest players at the moment – he joined Real Madrid in 2012 from UD Talavera and has been there since the Prebenjamín (U8) category: he will be playing his 10th season at La Fábrica this year. Jiménez started out as a winger and ended up becoming a fullback, which explains his ease with the ball and his desire to get forward. Jiménez has been very consistent since he joined the club and he continues to evolve each season. He is now La Fábrica’s the promising right-back who. In addition to his attacking repertoire, is also quite good defensively (although he still needs to improve in this area). He is currently the most promising right-back in La Fábrica in my opinion and he has the potential to make it into the first team if everything goes well for him. He played the preseason with Juvenil A (U19) and was very interesting and you didn’t feel at all that he was younger than his opponents: he wasn’t intimidated – on the contrary – he didn’t hesitate to go into contact, to project himself forward as usual. Given his age this season (2021/22), he should play with Juvenil C (U17) but I expect him to be part of the Juvenil B (U18) dynamic.

Alejandro Jiménez is part of Real Madrid’s 2005 generation with others interesting talents such as Adam Arvelo, Iker Gil, Pol Fortuny, Álvaro Ginés, Cristian David, Jacobo Ramón, Axel Espínola, Yusi, Daniel Mesonero, Joan Mascaro, Babacar Diocou and more…

📊Alejandro Jiménez with RM Cadete A (U16) in 2020/21:

✅14 games
⏱734 minutes
⚽️2 goals
🅰️3 assists
🔑1.86 key passes per game
🎯2.4 crosses per game (1.14 accurate / 48% accuracy)
⚡️5.1 dribbles per game (76% successful / 3.9 successful dribbles per game)
⚔️4.6 recoveries per game
❌3.1 interceptions per game
🤚1.43 tackles won per 90
💪66% of duels won (61% of defensive duels won)

His stats in La Fábrica since 2015/16:

✅104 games
⚽️56 goals
🅰️46 assists

2015/16: 7 goals & 9 assists in 18 games
2016/17: 17 goals & 15 assists in 21 games
2017/18: 8 goals & 8 assists in 24 games
2018/19: 14 goals & 8 assists in 12 games
2019/20: 8 goals & 3 assists in 15 games
2020/21: 2 goals & 3 assists in 14 games

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