PUMAS: Total trust in Cantera by Anderson Zavala

PUMAS: Total trust in Cantera by Anderson Zavala

Pumas is one of the sides of Liga MX with more presence of young footballers, mostly from its academy, which people refers as Cantera, through the years many amazing footballers have been discovered through its youth development system, and players like Hugo Sánchez, Manuel Negrete, Luis Flores, Miguel España, Claudio Suárez, Luis García, Alberto Aspe, David Patiño, Jorge Campos, Braulio Luna, Gerardo Torrado, Francisco Fonseca, Efraín Juárez, Héctor Moreno, Pablo Barrera, Israel Castro, Eduardo Herrera and Jesús Gallardo have been a great example of their work.

Knowing that Pumas represents a university, we expect that team will not be a giant economically, the team is known for developing its own talents and for bringing foreigners with discreet reputation. Their style of play tends to be intense and dynamic and can be said that courage, passion, and commitment represent all the squad.

In the squad, there is a player who represents the spirit of the club, and he is Alan Mozo, who is now twenty-four, an aggressive wing-back with great speed and acceleration, he has been used as a right-back, but I think that playing as a wing-back helps more to his athleticism. Along with Alan Mozo we can add other prominent players to this list, like for example Erik Lira (21), Alek Álvarez (18), Marco García (21), Carlos Gutiérrez (22). I can mention them as the most prominent young players developed by the club currently, and we can add the loan spell of Washington Corozo (23) as the best idea, not just considering young Mexican footballers, but also young talented foreigners to strengthen the squad.

The squad has a lot of home-grown players, not just young players; even though, there has been a good number of players who are not in the final squad but have made the debut at a young age.

To sum up, Pumas has done a legit job and has found the balance to have young home-grown players and good experienced Mexican, and experienced and young foreigners.

There is still a lot of work to be done, an improvement in scouting is needed, and smart investments must be done to bring good talented foreigners as well, trusting youth will pay off. Good luck, Pumas! ¡GOYA!

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