Enis Destan – Bad Decisions by @GelisimLigleri

Enis Destan – Bad Decisions by @GelisimLigleri


With the legendary Turkish striker, Burak Yılmaz very close to retirement, the Turkish National Team is looking for their next goal scorer. Even if his style of play is very different from Burak Yılmaz, Enis Destan is one of the most promising candidates for his role. But, like most Turkish youngsters, Enis also has some barriers ahead of him, which will determine if his career will turn out the way that we all intend to be.

Who is Enis Destan?

Enis is a 19-year-old striker, who plays for Altınordu. He scored 12 goals and 4 assist in his starting campaign, while also carrying his team into the play-off finals. While he is good at scoring, he is an amazing defender for his position too. Why you may ask. Because, until the last one and a half seasons, Enis used to play as a center-back, which we will come back in a minute. And with the upcoming transfer rumors, it won’t be surprising to see him on the big stage soon enough.

Good and the Bad

Enis can be defined as a classic number 9. Tall, very active in the penalty area, and physically dominant. Also, he has a crazy shot power, when he is in the box he can nail the ball in the net. But unlike a classic number 9, his knowledge of the game is lacking. Cause, as we talked about before, he played center back till last one and a half seasons. So he doesn’t have both the experience and the intuition of a striker, which is a red flag when considering he is already 19. Of course, 19 is a young age for a footballer, but if that particular footballer has to learn a whole new position from the scratch, 19 isn’t that young. Because of this, Enis usually moves around the pitch like a headless chicken or doesn’t move at all. He doesn’t know where to run, where to pass or where to wait. He is a raw talent with a lot of potential. But if his upcoming transfer move is a wrong one, which we will talk about shortly after, his career might take a big hit which he might never recover.

Bad Decisions

As the recent news says, Enis has been transferred to Trabzonspor. I don’t know if this move will go through when you read this but it looks like it is certain that he will sign with the club. And this was what I was referring to as a wrong transfer move. Don’t get me wrong, Trabzonspor is a great club with one of the most capable managers in Turkey. But in Enis’s case, the first thing he needs is playing time to improve his experience at the position. And this could have happened in Trabzonspor if they didn’t have 3 strikers already. With this being the case, I don’t even know if Enis can even get minutes, let alone play consistently. Which scares me for the future.

What Will The Future Bring

From center-back to a striker, Enis Destan surely had an interesting journey. Let’s hope that with a bit of luck and a lot of dedication, Enis fulfills his potential and leads his National Team to glory.

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