Hákon Arnar Haraldsson – One of Iceland’s biggest talents by @DanishFooty365

Hákon Arnar Haraldsson – One of Iceland’s biggest talents by @DanishFooty365


Icelandic football is going through a bit of a rebuild, and some of the biggest Icelandic talents are currently playing in Denmark. Hákon Arnar Haraldsson is certainly one of them, and is one of the top prospects. He turned 19 in April, but has already played 15 games this season for Denmark’s biggest club, FC København, and he recently played three games for Iceland’s national team.

Who is Hákon Arnar Haraldsson?

Hákon Arnar Haraldsson joined FC København from IÁ Akranes wben he was 16. He has mainly been used centrally by FC København, but he is very versatile, and can also do a job on both wings. He received his senior debut in July of 2021, and has shown glimpses of brilliance throughout the season, but his “breakthrough” came during the last games of the season where he played a big part in FC København winning the league. He also received his first call-up to the Icelandic national team after his great end to the season.

What are his strengths?

Hákon Arnar Haraldsson is right-footed, and he is very technically gifted. His touch is silky smooth, and he does very well when under pressure in tight spaces. He also showed towards the end of the season that he has a great shot on him, and he remains composed when in front of the goal. His main strengths lie in playmaking. His creativity, technique and vision brings so much to the table for FC København when he is used centrally, and his you can’t put a finger on his work ethic.

He has both been used as a central midfielder and as a false nine by the Danish champions, and he has proven that he is able to play higher up the pitch. He finds some great positions, and he is also more than capable of making runs in behind the defense. He has played 722 minutes for FC København this season, and has provided four goals and three assists – a goal contribution every 103rd minute. He can definitely improve, but that’s an impressive start for a young player.

A similar player

Hákon Arnar Haraldsson’s profile is similar to Antoine Griezmann’s. They are of a similar build, and both players are very good with the ball at their feet, and are able to drop deep when played up front. Haraldsson has also shown that he is a very capable finisher, and his positioning is impressive. Both players also know how to defend, and you can’t question their mentality. They will run their socks off for the team.

What’s Next for Hákon Arnar Haraldsson?

Getting into the starting eleven must be the goal for Hákon Arnar Haraldsson next season. He left a great impression before the summer break, and FC København looked very strong when he was playing. He is still only 19, but he has everything he needs to develop into an important member of FC København’s squad. A lot of people will be watching him closely from now. The reputation of Danish football keeps on improving, and FC København will be playing European football. The 19-year-old has also made a great impression for the Icelandic national team. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is moving on to bigger and better things in 2024.

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