Nordensa: Redefining the Beautiful Game

Nordensa: Redefining the Beautiful Game

Football is war, celebration, a children’s game during school breaks, but also a huge business worth hundreds of billions of euros, with branches in every corner of the planet.

Football is a complex equation

What makes football a beautiful game? Are the talented young players able to control the ball like magicians? The football clubs that train these talents and give them the opportunity to play in tournaments? The supporters without whom stadiums would be nothing more than sad, empty metal and concrete boxes? We believe that none of these elements can be excluded. And this is the reason for Nordensa, a project that, for the first time in history, wants to bring talented young players, football clubs, and supporters even closer together.

The young talented players

There comes a time in every young player’s life when they are told they have to bring home money. And unfortunately, for every Erling, Kylian, or Vinicius there are hundreds of thousands of youngsters who have to kill their dreams and get a job. We want to stop this and offer these talented young players who lack material means a chance to succeed.

The football clubs

Just like talented young players, most football clubs in Europe don’t have a scouting department with branches in youth leagues around the world. Yet they are hungry for results.

The supporters

Another approach that we think should be improved in football lets a few hundred rich people decide the direction of a sport with 4 billion fans who support football by buying match tickets, jerseys, scarves, and often take days off work just to be with the team on away games.

What is Nordensa?

For the first time in football history, Nordensa enables fans to invest in talented young talented players, offering them the chance to sign a contract with a European club. And the selection process is done by experienced scouts working for Premier League football clubs. Furthermore, if these players actually sign a professional contract, beginning with the first paycheck, the backers will start earning a percentage of the player’s salary over 5 years. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

So if you fall into one of the three categories (talented young player, football club, or supporter) we look forward to hearing from you either through our social media channels or on because together we can make the beautiful game even more beautiful.

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