Youssef Enriquez ‘Yusi’ – another promising full-back from La Fábrica by @FabricaMadrid

Youssef Enriquez ‘Yusi’ – another promising full-back from La Fábrica by @FabricaMadrid

Full name: Youssef Enriquez Lekhedim ‘Yusi’

Country: Spain and Morocco

Birth place: Madrid

Date of birth: 07/10/2005 (17)

Height: ~ 180 cm

Youth teams: San Fernando (2012-13), Rayo Vallecano (2013-15), Moratalaz (2015-16), Getafe (2016-17)

Current team: Real Madrid (since 2017)

Category: Juvenil A (U19)

Current national team: Spain U18

Position: left-back

Preferred foot: left

Market Value:

Contract until:

Player’s Agent: MRH Football Agency

Similar type of player: Andy Robertson


– crossing

– technique

– ball control

– tenacity

– determination

– anticipation

– intercepting

– power

– timing of his runs

– situational intelligence / awareness

– good recognition and understanding of off-ball movement

– pace

– passing

Weaknesses / To improve:

– discipline: he needs to better manage his aggressiveness and impulsiveness in some situations in order to avoid picking up unnecessary cards

– positional discipline in the defensive phase

– can still develop his dribbling repertoire to become less unpredictable in certain situations

Playing style:

– complete full-back who brings both offensively & defensively

– he is comfortable on the ball and is happy to receive a pass when under pressure, so he is suited to playing in a team that dominates possession and plays out from the back

– when he receives the ball on the side and the opposing team presses high, he is able to overcome the pressing by dribbling, cutting inside or by making a good pass

– he knows how to combine with his team-mates, in particular by making quick one-twos and then projecting himself forward

– a player who is able to outflank and outpace his opponent to make good crosses

– he is more of a fullback who likes to stay out wide than a fullback who stays in

– great timing & positioning when going forward

– his crossing skills are really good: he is able to make powerful and well-timed crosses or a cut-back to find his teammates in the best conditions

– capable and tenacious defender, adept in 1v1 situations and not afraid to get stuck in or make a tackle when needed

– solid & strong defender in 1v1 situations

– he’s very agressive in individual duels

– he reads the game well and makes many interceptions

– he also has a good body position when defending from the side: he tries not to let the opposing winger get inside and tries to push him towards the touchline as much as possible

– pretty good in duels / contact situations & difficult to stop when launched

– good shooting skills: capable of shooting especially outside the penalty area – a quality that pushes the opposing team out


Youssef Enriquez ‘Yusi’ joined Real Madrid from Getafe in 2017 (he had joined the Infantil B team – the U13s) and since then he has not stopped progressing and overachieving and has now been considered one of the academy’s most promising full-backs for several seasons. This season he is playing with Álvaro Arbeloa’s Juvenil A (U-19) and he was a key player in the team.

Yusi is a left-back with a fairly complete profile, bringing and contributing in both aspects of the game (offensively and defensively). He plays with great energy and intensity, he’s able to go up and down throughout the game and keeping a high level of activity on his side. He is comfortable on the ball, so he is suited to playing in a team that dominates possession and plays out from the back. When under pressure on the side, he often manages to find the right passing angles and find his teammates between the lines or make long balls trying to hit someone in the back of the opposing defence. But he can also evade this pressure individually by pushing the ball forward and using his power and pace. He is not an excellent dribbler, but he knows how to get rid of his opponents and uses clever and tricky moves.

On the ball, he offers a crossing threat when overlapping wide on the left. He likes to use the one-two combination, where he can push off, burst forward and pass to a teammate to initiate the combination. His delivery is exceptional. Yusi has the ability to provide high-quality crosses that target teammates in the box. And even if the cross doesn’t necessarily land on a teammate, most of the time it arrives in an interesting area where defenders and goalkeepers are hampered to intervene. He possesses the technical quality to vary his crosses and time a ball into the area to find a specific target. He can whip the ball into the penalty area from wide, and also provides accurate driven balls across goal. On his wide deliveries he’s got a good ability to bend the ball around his direct opponent, which means he doesn’t necessarily have to take a defender on before putting a cross. He also puts curve on the ball to help his crosses evade the CBs.

In the attacking phase, Yusi takes up intelligent positions. In the Juvenil A system, he is the one who provides width on the left side (the LW is inside), although he can also be seen inside and interchanging his position with the LCM – in this situation he can be seen trying to make runs into the space between the opposing RB and RCB. One thing that is very important in Yusi’s game and that allows him to make the difference is overall technique, but above all his ball control / first touch. When he receives a long ball or a long diagonal, he often controls the ball perfectly and manages to put it in front of him and immediately take advantage of his direct opponent and leave him behind.

When found into space (the timing of his runs is often great, he is good in running in behind the defence being in the right position and approaching the action in the exact time, direction, and speed), he is composed and intelligent – he is often seen looking up, taking in the right information before making a decision. When he has space in front of him to push, he is quite impressive. In these situations he likes to go and challenge his opponent and try to beat him with his pace and power, and then either try to find someone in the box / pull the ball back make a cut-back, or finish himself with a shot as his ballstriking is powerful.

As for the defensive part of his game, Yusi is a capable and tenacious defender, adept in 1v1 situations and not afraid to get stuck in or make a tackle when needed, but most of the time, he stays on his feet and tries not to throw himself – he tries to reduce his opponent’s room for manoeuvre and leave as little space as possible. He shows a strong desire to win the ball, he is strong in duels and usually times his challenges well. When he gets into a position to press high up the pitch, he is aggressive in his approach – he knows how to block passing angles and knows how to direct opponents / push opponents into an uncomfortable situation. One thing he needs to improve defensively is his positioning. At times, he’s out of position and gets caught behind his back. He needs to be more vigilant.

📊 Yusi with Real Madrid Juvenil A (U19) this season:

  • 33 games
  • 2558 minutes
  • 3 goals
  • 7 assists
  • 10 xA
  • 4.9 crosses p.90
  • 26% cross accuracy
  • 2.6 successful dribbles p.90
  • 4.2 interceptions p.90
  • 1.9 tackles completed p.90
  • 55% of all duels won
  • 58% of defensive duels won
  • 57% of aerial duels won

He also has 2 goals and 2 assists with the Juvenil B (U18) in 751 minutes.

Potential rating: 8,5/10

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