Amad Diallo: Scouting Report by Nene Afadzinu

Amad Diallo: Scouting Report by Nene Afadzinu

AGE: 20

HEIGHT: 5’7”





Technical right winger who can easily play as an attacking midfielder. Predominantly left footed but with a very capable right foot. Below average height for his position. Diminutive frame belies very good strength which he generates from his low centre of gravity. Bags of acceleration and able to make up good distances in short times.

Magnetic ball control and can pluck a long ball from the air, stopping it dead with his first touch.  Is an excellent dribbler and likes to take on his man and beat him with skill and pace. A combination of great close control, balance, and agility help him wriggle out of tight spots with possession. Can carry the ball good distances up the pitch. Does not hog the ball and will find an open teammate. Likes to keep possession with short passes and is heavily involved in his team’s buildup play. Excellent short passer with either foot. Shows he has the vision and technique to see and execute a wide variety of passes. Not afraid to let fly from distance and will pull the trigger if given the time and space. Can be deadly when allowed to shoot from range, showing great technique to generate power behind his strikes. Dangerous from direct free kicks. Will shoot with either foot in the box depending on the angle. Tends to snatch at opportunities from close range and can miss sitters. Crosses are generally put into a good area but rarely find their man. Not often dispossessed.

Has played as a right winger in a 4231 and a 433, and as an attacking midfielder in a 4231. Drifts into central zones from the right wing when playing as a right winger. Drifts to the right wing when playing as an attacking midfielder. Drops deep to receive possession and then progress the ball with his carrying and passing. Is more of a playmaker than a finisher, but is more than capable of trying to beat the offside trap by using his pace and acceleration to run off the shoulder of the last man and get in behind the defense. Shows a great appreciation of space and picks up pockets wherever he feels would be beneficial to the move, making him difficult to track.

Amad Diallo’s heatmap by Wyscout

Not afraid to get stuck in. Is relatively decent in the timing of his tackle for an attacking player. Excellent anticipation and reading of the game results in him making multiple interceptions. Works very hard defensively and tracks back often to help his team regain possession. Presses with alacrity and is always eager to win the ball back for his side especially after losing it. Forces several turnovers with his energetic press. Does not win a lot of aerial duels but will contest the few that come his way. Is a lot stronger than he looks and very difficult to shrug off the ball.

Exudes an air of calm on the ball. Constantly scanning his surroundings to be aware of where his teammates and opponents are. Is very vocal. Shows impressive leadership qualities to direct his teammates on and off the ball despite being a youngster on loan. Rarely makes the wrong decision in possession.


Ball Control10
Attacking Ability9
Defending Ability8
Long Passing9
Short Passing10
Right-Footed Passing9
Left-Footed Passing10
Right-Footed Shooting6
Left-Footed Shooting10
Running With The Ball10
Attacking 1v110
TOTAL116/140 (+7)
Movement Off The Ball8
Decision Making9
TOTAL37/40 (+2)
Sharpness 10
Body Strength7
Work Rate10
TOTAL48/50 (+2.5)
Effort To Win The Ball Back10
Bravery – Physical9
Bravery – Mental10
Team Player10
TOTAL77/80 (+4)

ABILITY = 277/310

= 89%

(plus zero point five for every feature because he is considerably younger than most opponents in the videos)

REAL ABILITY = 292.5/310

= 94%

90 – 100% = Star player in a top league

Amad Diallo is a generational talent with the ability to become one of the very best in the world if he continues to approach the game with his invincible mindset. He still has some work to do on his finishing, crossing, and aerial ability, but the right development plan would see him progress into becoming one of Africa’s greatest ever talents and a Ballon D’Or candidate. 

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