Hicham Boudaoui: Scouting Report by Nene Afadzinu

Hicham Boudaoui: Scouting Report by Nene Afadzinu

AGE: 23

HEIGHT: 5’9”





Energetic defensive midfielder capable of playing anywhere in midfield. Predominantly right footed but is very comfortable using his left foot. Average height for his position. Slim and has good mobility. Good pace and is quick off the mark.

Has very good ball control and a silky touch on the ball. Is highly press resistant and can weave past multiple challenges with great close control and agility. Capable of taking on and beating his man with skill. Likes to be in control and is very reliable in possession. Sporadically gets caught overdribbling. Highly accurate short to midrange passer with either foot. Has occasionally shown the vision and technique to see and execute pinpoint long balls. Will clear the ball in a no-nonsense fashion under pressure in his box. Beats defensive lines often and with ease either by using his passing ability or wonderful close control. Has great technique and can deliver a quality cross with either foot when he gets into position. Does not often get into shooting positions when playing as a defensive midfielder but is composed in front of goal when he gets there. 

Has played as the defensive midfield anchor in a 433 and 352, and as the left sided midfielder in a 442. Holds his position in front of the backline but will drift to hunt down the ball out of possession or make himself a passing option in the first and second phases in possession. Sporadically finds himself in and around the box, preferring to start attacks from the first phase and progress them up the pitch with his passing or carrying. Can serve as the fulcrum of his team’s possession play and dictates tempo. Always makes himself available to receive possession and often receives it. Shows a lot of awareness of where his teammates and opponents are at all times. 

Boudaoui’s heatmap by Wyscout

Presses relentlessly and will hunt his opponent down till they eventually relinquish possession. Great timing and technique of the tackle to regain possession for his side. Aggressive in the duel and will go to ground to win the ball if he deems it necessary. Excellent leap helps him win multiple aerial duels despite his size. Very difficult to shrug off the ball and uses his body cleverly to shield the ball in possession and help him regain it out of possession. Excellent defensive positioning, anticipation, and reading of the game enable him to cut passing lanes and make multiple interceptions. Great positioning also helps him in the second and final phases to receive the ball when playing in a more advanced role.

Plays the game with great energy. Confident in possession. Does not force the issue and will recycle the play if he has to. Very vocal and is constantly communicating with his teammates. Has good leadership qualities and instructs his teammates often. Rarely makes the wrong decision in and out of possession.   

A group of people playing football

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Boudaoui uses his technique to find the bottom corner on the half volley from outside the box.

A group of people playing football

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Boudaoui times his tackle to perfection and regains possession.

A group of people playing football

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Boudaoui picks out his open teammate with a pinpoint cross for the assist.


Ball Control9
Attacking Ability8
Defending Ability10
Long Passing7
Short Passing9
Right-Footed Passing10
Left-Footed Passing8
Running With The Ball9
Attacking 1v18
Movement Off The Ball9
Decision Making8
Sharpness 10
Body Strength7
Work Rate10
Effort To Win The Ball Back10
Bravery – Physical10
Bravery – Mental9
Team Player9

ABILITY = 257/290 = 89%    

80 – 89% = Good player in a top league

Boudaoui has the potential to be a world-class player for a top club in an elite league such as the Premier League and La Liga. He is quite well-rounded, but being able to balance his attacking ability and defensive responsibilities in whichever midfield role he is operating in would see him exceed his trajected potential and become one of the world’s best midfielders.

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