Can Uzun: Scouting Report by Adam Khan

Can Uzun: Scouting Report by Adam Khan

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This article is adapted from Adam Khan’s Medium Portfolio – a collection of professional scouting reports highlighting some of the most exciting talents in German football.

If you are interested in sourcing his video-scouting expertise for your club, agency, or company, please reach him at or on Twitter at @XxAdamKhanxX.

In today’s report, he analyzes 1. FC Nuremberg midfielder Can Yılmaz Uzun. He highlights his strengths and weaknesses and determines his current ability and future potential.

Can Yılmaz Uzun


Can Uzun has been one of the most fascinating breakthrough talents in the early stages of the 2023/24 2. Bundesliga season. The 17-year-old Turkish youth international has featured in all 5 of Nuremberg’s league matches, contributing an eye-catching 3 goals to go along with stellar attacking performances. Even in the German DFB Pokal Uzun has created uproar, becoming the youngest player in the competition’s 88-year history to score a hattrick. 

Whilst his current employer has Uzun tied to a contract until 2026, there is notable interest from various top clubs on the continent. The three Turkish giants (Galatasaray, Beşiktaş, and Fenerbahçe) were all in for the young forward over the summer, while local Bavarian giants FC Bayern also held talks with Nuremberg. 

Age: November 11, 2005 (17 yrs old)Height: 1,86m
Current League: 2. BundesligaCurrent Club: 1. FC Nuremberg
Citizenship: GermanyFull International (yes/no): No 
Contracted Until: June 30, 2026Estimated Market Value: €500th
Primary Position: Second-StrikerSecondary Position: Attacking Midfielder

Injury History

No notable injuries that should have an impact on his value, or future potential.

Player Style

Can Uzun is a shadow striker. He is at his best playing behind a main center-forward, roaming in open space to find excellent pockets to receive possession between the opposition’s midfield and defense.

Player Model: João Félix


Nimble Movement 

Despite a 1,86m stature, Uzun has the balance and mobility of a player half his size. He is agile and light-footed, with a low center of gravity that allows him to eloquently dance around challenges and manipulate possession in congested spaces. 

Superb Ability to Turn Under Pressure

In line with his nimble movements, Uzun has a superb ability to turn with the ball under intense opposition pressure. He can effectively engage opponents and use the established contact to spin off quickly. His technique, two-footed qualities, and speed in decision-making mean it is almost impossible for an opponent to predict where he will turn before it is too late. 

Seeks Possession & Takes Initiative 

For a player of his age, Can Uzun has a remarkable ability to seek initiative and accountability on the pitch. The youngster is willing to take crucial penalties in the final minutes of a match or seek the direct route to goal when other young players would be fearful of turning over the ball. Uzun displays an optimistic mentality on the pitch. The Turkish youth international takes risks and believes in his vast qualities at all times; regardless of past failures.

Creative Visionary

Not only does Uzun take initiative in the final third, but he also has the requisite vision, timing, and technical quality to execute effectively. Uzun registers the attacking movements of a teammate before receiving possession, and he frequently releases the ball with the right weight and precision to allow a teammate to directly shoot on goal. He has an uncanny ability to threaten with incisive ground passes between the opposition backline.  

Offers Technical Solutions in all Phases of the Game

Despite primarily operating as a second striker or attacking midfielder this season, Uzun regularly drops into deeper midfield positions to receive possession and dictate the game in build-up phases. In all positions on the pitch, Uzun has the requisite technical ability and awareness to find solutions that progress the game forward and create an advantage for his side. The Turkish youth international constantly wants to get on the ball and is almost always a viable solution for a teammate. 

Excellent Ability to Engage Opponents in Ball-Carrying Phases

Uzun is not only a very good ball carrier who can retain close control at high speeds, but he is also superb at engaging opponents on his path. His carrying style forces opponents to engage, creating open space for various better-placed teammates whom Uzun can regularly bring into play. 

Physical Building Blocks

Despite still being months away from his 18th birthday, Can Uzun has the robust qualities to compete at the senior level. More importantly, his 1,86m frame means he has the requisite size to offer an outlet in various tactical frameworks in the future. 

Two-Footed Finisher

Can Uzun is an impressive two-footed player in almost all aspects of his game, but it is a particular strength in finishing scenarios. He does not hesitate when placed onto his “weaker” left foot, and he rarely takes an extra touch to force play onto his right side. 

⭐Extreme Technical Proficiency in Tight Spaces

Can Uzun is absolutely superb at manipulating play in tight spaces. He is frequently able to implement his sharp technical skill and nimble movements to beat an opponent or retain possession for his side.

It is a particularly powerful trait in & around the opposition’s penalty area. In these congested scenarios, Uzun frequently is able to create the requisite window needed to get a shot off on target or release a teammate into open space. 


Struggles to offer an in-behind threat

While clearly at his best when dropping short to link play and receive to feet, Uzun rarely varies his game to also pose a threat in-behind the defense. He also does not have the elite top speed to match his agility and dynamism on the first few steps.

Struggles to Effectively Contest Aerial Duels

Can Uzun struggles to contest aerial duels at the senior level. Whether in a goalscoring position or as the recipient of a long ball, Uzun is rarely able to effectively set himself apart in a headed contest. 

Defensive Liability as a Midfielder

Though energetic and engaged in the first pressing stage, Can Uzun is not a great 1v1 defender, and is prone to losing possession with too much regularity. While this is not a particular issue when deployed as a striker, as he moves further into a midfield role it is something to be taken into account. 

Occasionally Looks to Force Possession

Can Uzun’s tendency to seek initiative all across the pitch is undoubtedly a positive trait. However, it does mean that he can occasionally try to force creative solutions and attempt passes that are extremely unlikely to reach their target. It is something that he must develop, but it should come with more senior exposure and maturity.

⭐ Has a Tendency to Dwell on Possession

Given Uzun’s desire to receive the ball to feet, there is a constant fear that his technical style can be caught out and lead to dangerous counter-attacking moments. In the 2. Bundesliga Uzun normally has enough quality to solve these situations off his technical traits alone, but at a higher level, he must choose his moments more wisely. 


Current Ability: 

A club/level of club where the player has the qualities to play at least 70% of available minutes right now. 

5/10 – A solid mid-table outfit in the 2nd Bundesliga, or a relegation-threatened side in the Eredivisie

  • 1. FC Nuremberg
  • Greuther Fürth
  • FC Volendam

Potential Ability:

A club/level of club where the player has the qualities to play at least 70% of available minutes at his career peak.

9/10 – An elite European outfit with the potential to compete for titles in all competitions

  • FC Liverpool
  • FC Barcelona
  • PSG


Can Uzun is an extremely talented player who has the potential to leave a considerable impact at the pinnacle of European football. The Turkish youth international has already impressed in limited senior minutes, displaying extraordinary levels of confidence and assertiveness on the pitch. 

Can Uzun has a remarkable technique, with extraordinary two-footed ability in tight spaces to compliment his strong finishing and ball carrying. Uzun is relatively tall with a strong physical frame to develop into, but he also remains extremely nimble, and agile in his movements. 

The youngster still has a tendency to dwell on possession and force play in various settings, but generally, I believe Can Uzun has the potential to develop into a very influential advanced playmaker or shadow striker for an elite club in European football within the next 3-5 years. 

If you are interested in sourcing Adam Khan’s video-scouting expertise for your club, agency, or company, please reach him at or on Twitter at @XxAdamKhanxX.

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