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  1. Hello, I am Andrew, who has the dream to play football, but I don’t have any support in my country Liberia, I wish to fulfil am football dream, am a Attacking midfielder and an a well behave person, I need a support.

  2. I am fajimi ibrahim by name,am from Nigeria.i have a lot of Talented footballer in my state whose are seeking for your Asistance,I just don’t want their Talent get wasted pls

  3. Am the chairman golden assets f c Abia State Nigeria. I have very talented player who need help They are real good. All departments are covered. We need assistance for them to move to other countries and make their Mark.

  4. Hello ,My name is Lemi Nelson but am know as Abu .My dream is to play football in any European club. Please help me succeed .please I owe my gratitude to you if my dream comes true .Am a player in South Sudan and I play INA small under 17 team called Hotstars FC .Please help me . I will cooperate with you under any circumstance.I live in juba near the airport.My number is 0928454074

  5. Hi sir. We are a college in Malaysia and we run a professional football academy with many top promising players.

    Can we work with you to showcase our players ? We are not expecting any compensation. We just want to give exposure to our players.

    Thank you

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