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    • Hi
      My name is Lesson Manokore, i came from Zimbabwe . I’m football player i play right back is my position I’m 19yrs old . I looking for a agent who trust me and help me and i work hard to be a professional . i hope you contact me please help me and assist me thank you

  1. Good morning..My name is Darren Rowe. I’m a 16 year old Jamaican midfielder. I have been try to get in contact with an Academy team over the past months. I started playing football from i was 8 years of age. From then on I try very hard to reach out to an overseas academy team because,there isn’t any oopportunities for me in my country..I would love to join this academy team but,I don’t have any passport or visa to travel. My parents can’t really afford one for me now. I would love to ask if this academy could help me and get me to join the academy team please. I always wanted to be a footballer. 

    I hope this message is seen by someone and can reach out to me and help me please..If you guess want to help me,you can contact this phone number: 1876 807-5125..

  2. Hello my name is Emmanuel Binda I m from West Africa Liberia i’m a footballer but no support so I decided to apply for this application looking for a good agent so that they can help me pursue my great dream which is to become a great footballer. Thanks for your consideration hope to hear from you soon thanks.

  3. please I am from Kenya I love playing football everyday I have dreaming to be a footballer I have play for our school team just my age is 15 years if any one help me and my dream become true and if I will be select to any team and the club started paying me I will give person who help me my first 2 salary if some one who want to help me my phone number is 0754609563

  4. My Name is Kungawo George I’m from South Africa I have been trying to go to an Overseas academy to prove that I’m a good footballer and I have talent but in my country there not many opportunities and it would be a dream to play pro

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