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  1. Hello
    Im amin nur from somalia i was born and raised in saudi arabia im19yo
    I was a pro footballer in alittihad club and i was the best young talent in 2017
    Now i live in nairobi and im for an
    oppurtunity to show the world that i can be the best defender in eurobe
    So please give me a chance and i will prove to you that im one of a kind

  2. Hello? I am chalo daniel, aged 18.I am passionate with football and plays in the goalkeeping.I am excellent in set pieces and other goalkeeping areas .I am hoping to find an international scout who will help me take my football to the next level

  3. hay
    i’am Aymn Ahmed
    i was born and raised in saudi arabia but i’am originally form sudan
    i’am 17 years old
    i play as CF,,second striker,,9.5
    i have an amazing speed and great shooting form outside the box and i’am good at moving in the pitch
    i’am hoping that i get the chance to play as a pro
    please replay to me

  4. My name is Francisco Nengi Alamingo. I’m 20years old. I’m talented and I would just need from you to take me on football trial,so I can be the footballer I’ve always wanted.

  5. I am Jimmy just recently turned 19 I am really passionate about football and really hope to find my breakthrough to greater heights in football … I play for my local club in Nairobi Kenya as a centre back but I am really hoping to proceed to the next level of football as my career …I’m also studying but football is my life … I am s great right back won many awards back in high school please scout me to the next level probably internationally thank you jimmy2 RB(rightBack)

  6. Hello my name is Amon born in kenya I’m 23 years old I’m a striker have been playing football for the past 13 years have not joined any league so far because i come from a country where talents don’t get natured I’m really ready for any trials and trust me you won’t regret have been praying to God that maybe one time my prayers will be heard and maybe i can showcase my talent to the rest of the world

    • Hello my name is Lassie. I have been trying to go pro for a very long time. I am now 30 years old and atill intereted in going semi pro and then begin my career in coaching as well. I live in Nairobi Kenya and would like to get in touch with someone who can get me started .

  7. I have tremendous amount of talent to be come a football star and if I toke a chance on me I will make u rich and also I am 17 I have been playing football since I was 6 so if u consider my talents I will send u my video

  8. Hello,
    I am Edwin Ruhiu, a 22-year-old Kenyan.
    I am a talented football player hoping to attract a football agent or scout to help me chase my goal of being a professional athlete.
    I play in the midfield position, a position I have played in for over 15 years, as such, I have a great reading of the game, I keep possession of the ball, great passer of the ball, remarkable movement off the ball and great vision for that killer pass. I aim at learning more and polishing my current skill set in the quest to become the next big name.

  9. I’m a young talented footballer who needs help to join a football academy to help my football career. Please anyone to help

  10. Hello,
    I’m Darius Snorton Perwood from Liberia,I’m a very talented, focus on my dream of becoming a pro football player.
    I’m an attacking midfielder also play as winger,I’m good at creating space and dribbling forward,cutting in and good finishing and passing skill.please help me in my dream here in Liberia talent is wasted, no one come to see our talent.and some of them lose focus and their dream die.I pray to God for a opportunity and to focus on my dream I’m 17 years old.thanks for understanding

  11. Hi , my name is KAKE MOHAMMED i am originally from guinea but grow in Nigeria i am 15 years of age i play as a central mildfielder also good as so fast when it comes to a race with my opponents also mind my basic skills and oftentimes i play a confidential game to make my coach satisfy in any competition so i am randomly exposing words to prove my talents all over the world if there is any scout intrested in me my contact is available here :+224620084942.

  12. Dear,
    I m a 13teen year old boy. Lives in India. Give me 1 chance.
    Position: right wing
    Strong foot: left
    HEIGHT: 5’2
    WEIGHT: 52 KG

  13. Hello, My name is Naser Al Khrayef I am from Kuwait and I play in Qadsia Sc. I’m a goalkeeper and I want a scout to give me a trial at any team in the UK because I know I got what it takes.


  14. Hello I’m Raphael from Cameroon
    I’m in search for a club that will financially, physically and mentally help me achieve a great career with the talent I got.
    I’m 20 of age struggling to have help from any club that will greatly open their heart to help me. It wouldn’t be good if I waste my talent by not succeeding in having a career. I will be forever grateful to any club that will make me achieve my dreams.

  15. Hello I’m Raphael from Cameroon
    I’m in search for a club that will financially, physically and mentally help me achieve a great career with the talent I got.
    I’m 20 of age struggling to have help from any club that will greatly open their heart to help me. It wouldn’t be good if I waste my talent by not succeeding in having a career. I will be forever grateful to any club that will make me achieve my dreams. Here is my WhatsApp contact ±237 71588587 please I will be waiting I know there are thousands of people out there waiting for your reply I love to be part of those who will receive replies from you guys.

  16. My name is ilori ayomide, i reside in Nigeria. If you give me a chance, a trial will convince you for sure. I can play as a defensive mid fielder and central mid fielder. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

  17. Am ibrahim from Ghana.
    Am a young talented a mieldfeilder both attacking and defensive right footed player.playing football is my dream but difficult to get opportunity in Ghana.
    So am hereby sending this message to seek for opportunity.

  18. my name is Godwin jock, am from Nigeria ,and a talented footballer,i hope i can get to show the whole world my best,

  19. Hello my name is Tremayne

    I am keen on getting into a academy to progress my football career

    I play Left back , left wing back but could play anywhere

    I have been playing since 2012 and I am 15

    I feel That I am determined, skilful but I stick to the basics, give 100% all the time on and off the pitch , a high football IQ , quite fast , very calm and relaxed on the ball , always take advise and listen and much more

  20. Hi im ensar from kosovo im attacking midfielder 16 years old im willing to just play football now or in the future

  21. I’m a 17 year old footballer …i will soon be turning 18 ….iam from India… I have a very good power and I can shoot and cross the ball with elegance… I play as a left winger… I can play professional level… I have power and pace and Iam strong…i want to play at professional level and I want to take my game to next level… Please help me and reply me…. I can show my skills

  22. My name is Juma Dauda from Sierra Leone am a very young and energetic footballer. I am a utility player which plays almost everywhere in the field, I have been the best player in my community (Kambia District) for more than 3 Consecutive seasons.
    I have been in a academy training with Cheltenham town footballers in England, they are ( Kevin Dawson and Long) but I am presently in Sierra Leone playing for Cheltenham town in Sierra Leone sponsored by the Kambia district Foundation (KDF). I am just waiting to have the opportunity to prove to the world that I will be the world beat in future. Please I need help and trial.
    My contact is: +23299693088
    My email:

  23. I’m a talented football coach and hardworking players Scout and tactical Scout. I scout for technically gifted players all round and send them for trials… +2348092832019 whatsapp me

  24. hello scout my name is princewill am from calabar nigeria am a player i want to archieve my dream by playin international or in a club here is my contact 07089965258 talent of football is all i developed

  25. Hello I am oluwa femi aged 14.i am a Nigerian and I passionate with football and I play in excellent in goal scoring and other things.i am hoping to find any scout who will help me take carrer to the next level

  26. Hello, I’m Too Daniel from Kenya a very ambitious boy who is talented in playing football… I am 18 years old… and am looking forward to playing professional football where ill earn the team a lot

  27. Am charles paredes from Ghana. Am a young telented a miedfeilder both attacking and defensive right footed player. Playing football is my dream but difficult to get opportunitz in am hereby sending this message to seek for opportunity.please if you can help me then contect me on this number please+233548949590

  28. Hi,
    My name is Awudu Ibrahim.
    I am 17 years old
    My country name is Ghana.
    I am left winger forward (LWF )
    Please,I am very very good and
    I am very fast and skillful when the
    ball is on my side.
    Please I need your help

  29. Hi my name is Yandi and I just want to share that my son is 18 years old and he is been playing as a pro since he was 16 years old in Indonesia, and he was played in 2018 Indonesian Champion League 1 team. I could used help here to develop his football career in football outside Indonesia. I will share all his detail and video profile if anyone interested.

    Note : He is been playing soccer since he was 5 years old, and achieved a lot of great things. Include played in Gothia Cup, and many international games during his early age.

    Thank you

    My email :

  30. Hi my name is safero Abubakari and am from Ghana and am 18years of age i am a footballer and i need an agent and club too please help me to achieve my dreams as a footballer please i have all the qualities as a player the positions that i can play is 11,6,7,8,10,9 please my email is and my number is +233550153193

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