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      • I play football very well😁
        Age 17
        Position: CF
        Nationality: Nigeria
        I will like to play football mostly in Europe because I have a lot of passion for it .
        When ever my mum looks at me she will cry that I will make it and I believe 🥺😓😓
        Am not playing football for only my self
        If I can make it my main focus is to help people that doesn’t have .

        I know someone can help me through this place please i want her to smile

    • I am a17 year old player I am very versatile I can play as a left winger Right winger center forward attacking midfielder center midfielder

    • Hello I’m 16 years old from Lebanon and I live in Nigeria. I am looking for agents in turkey that can help me get trials in Turkey. I am a striker with good finishing and pace. Thanks

  1. Hello am Prince Obinna Charles, from Nigeria and I am a 21 year old player, with Pace and skills, and can play both foot. I can play as an attacking midfielder or winger.

  2. I,m a young player from Nigeria who needed international exposure. I need more skill that will enable me play professionally.
    In that regard, how can you be of help?

  3. Hi my names aj hanna i am 13 years of age im a left winger who plays for the best squad in cliftonville and i really want to be scouted and would appreciate a agent my WhatsApp number is 07914576915

  4. Hi my name is patrick balaz i am 19 year old i live in england london i from slovakia and i am looking for agent that can help me to sign pro contract: my number +447721485643

  5. Hello, am Rashid Radrevic Nuhu17years old, am very good in football and am hoping to get any club to play for I. all thought I don’t have any formal club playing for but I promise to any club that will try and give me the chance ,am going to serve the club with all my Best and experience

  6. Hi my name is lesedi is any pursue my dream fof playing soccer so if can help me by finding a club for my career


    Nom complet: Nebie Ulrich Florian

    Pays: Burkina Faso

    Lieu d’anniversaire: Ouagadougou

    Date de naissance: 02/10/2001 (19)

    Hauteur: 1,80M

    Équipe de jeunes: Salitas Fc (2012-2018)

    Équipe actuelle: Santos Fc (depuis 2018)

    Nombres: –

    Equipe nationale actuelle: Du Burkina U-17

    Poste: DM – CM – AM

    Pied préféré: Ambidextre

    Valeur marchande: –

    Contrat jusqu’au: –

    Agent du joueur:

    Joueur similaire: saul Niguez


    – Dribbler

    – Technique

    – Qui passe

    РUn contr̫le de balle

    – Vision

    РLa cr̩ativit̩

    – Premier touche


    РIntelligence & compr̩hension du jeu


    physique / cap / il peut encore améliorer sa dernière passe

    Le style de jeu:

    – Meneur de jeu

    – Joueur polyvalent, il peut jouer dans n’importe quelle position au milieu de terrain (DM, CM, AM) sans perdre d’inefficacité, même si sa meilleure position est en CM

    – Bon dribbleur

    РGrande agilit̩, coordination et flair

    – Joueur résistant à la presse, il est difficile de lui prendre le ballon grâce à sa protection du ballon, sa qualité technique et son centre de gravité bas qui lui permet d’être assez rapide dans ses mouvements

    – Excellente première touche qui lui permet d’éliminer rapidement ses adversaires et de briser la pression de l’adversaire

    – Il aime utiliser les feintes corporelles

    – Capable d’éliminer ses adversaires sur un contrôle ou par des feintes corporelles

    РIl sait dicter le tempo, il est cr̩atif et il a la capacit̩ de faire jouer ses co̩quipiers

    – Milieu avec une bonne mobilité qui apparaît dans plusieurs zones du terrain et qui propose souvent des solutions à ses coéquipiers. Il n’hésite pas à plonger plus profondément pour faciliter la constitution de l’équipe et il peut également apparaître entre la ligne ou sur le côté

    – Joueur avec un changement de vitesse rapide

    – Joueur avec un excellent iq football et une conscience spatiale: il sait où être libre sur le terrain et il fait souvent les bons choix

    – Il aime conduire avec le ballon pour faire gagner des mètres à son équipe sur le terrain

    РIl aime le ballon jou̩ dans les pieds

    РTr̬s bon jeu combin̩

    РJoueur ambidextre qui conduit le ballon avec les deux pieds et fait des passes avec les deux sans perdre en pr̩cision

    – Joueur avec une grande vision qui aime jouer avec des balles quand il en a l’occasion

    – Capable de casser les lignes de l’adversaire grâce à sa vision et à son passage

    – Il est également capable d’attaquer et de marquer des buts

    РD̩fensivement, il fait les efforts et il a une bonne lecture du jeu
    Mon contact numéro de téléphone whatsApp c’est le:+226 6674 2494

  8. Am Daniel, I came from Zambia. Looking for an agent, I play center midfield

  9. My name is Olaigbe hammed from Nigeria. 20yrs old, Playing position attacking role and can still play wings looking for agents that can help me achieve my goal. Whatasp +2250142166422

  10. Hi am Norbert osinachi ,a 17 years old goalkeeper ,am looking for help to get to my dream been the world best goalkeeper

  11. hello i am abel victor,i have feature ahead of me which is football,i see my to be a great player ronaldo messi one,but they it will be hard again to find player like ronaldo or messi but i will be the one prove them roung.i realy want to become footballer because is my dream and my guys known i have a great dream to go after,but the problem is that known one to help me,no supporter,no helper and no money to go after my dream.they say it is those that suffer will always have a story i hope i can start my story very soon.i player as LWF that is my favorite wing but i can play RWF or striker, i alway want more than my idol which ronaldo CR7 i hope i can get a help from is reading my post u can contact me through my email address i have a great dream ahead of football name is thankgod u can me TG11tyn

  12. Good day, my name is abdulsamad am from Nigeria and I wish of training in a big team just like their bruno fernandes…. Anyone who can help me achieve my dream please🥺🥺

  13. My name is buhari musa Abubakar from Nigeria I’m 20 years of age a good left/right winger with speed ,cross and accuracy I’m here looking for agent dat will help my football career. I made a promise to prove my self.i really love football as my career.tnx

  14. Hi im oliver cunningham and im looking a trial and im 11 and i play the number 10 role

  15. Hello young talents my name is Rocky javah Valdez, a football agent based in LA California. We are currently recruiting young and skillful players. Dibba Al-Hisn Sports Club, United Arab Emirates is open once again for “Football Trials & Possible Signing” of foreign players.
    Contact us with below WhatsApp Number or Email address for your “Trial Application Form”….
    WhatsApp: +1(323)4182995….Email:

  16. Hello my name is Lazarus Museke I am very talented in soccer.iam looking for a chance please help me.

  17. Hi I’m Lynton Sibanda from Zimbabwe well Im a midfielder, have played for Aces Youth Soccer Academy in Zimbabwe, im 19 years old ,I’m a hardworking player and I also train individually at home with some knowledge I have gained since 2015 at AYSA (Aces youth Soccer Academy thank you for time and I’m hopefully looking forward to play in an amazing club.

  18. Hi, I am a goalkeeper and I’m 15 in year 11 looking for trials at academy’s in the United Kingdom.

  19. Hi, my name is Francis, From Ghana looking for a serious team and agent to help me exhibit my skills and potentials on the field. Though I haven’t played any professional team before but I assure any agent who will be willing to sign me and help me with no disappointment. Am 21yrs of age, very skillful, faster, quick and very good in scoring goals. My WhatsApp number is +233249911346 and my email is

  20. Hello ,

    This is Faouzi Sadellah a footballer (2002) from Montreal, Canada currently playing in U18.

    I’m looking for an agent/intermediate to help me find opportunities.

    Attached is my highlight tape from last season.

    Please let me know if you are interested to discuss further.

    Kind regards,

    Faouzi Sadellah

    (514) 348 0923

  21. Am 22yrs, dedicated my time to football, looking for a good team to show my talent to the world. I play as right back or central defensive midfielder. Tnx

  22. Good afternoon my name johncarlex Joseph I’m a professional soccer player I could play any position on the field but my favorite position is striker I’m currently playing in indy professional soccer in Indianapolis I’m interested on being a part of you guys i would like to showcase my talent to you guys I’m looking forward to hear from y’all thanks have a wonderful day

  23. Hello I greet you all! My name is David Divine Kargbo, I love soccer because it is my passion and my talent. I respect the game so much and it full of funs and jokes, Am a universal player but my key roles are Central midfielder and defender.. I love the game more than anything.

  24. My name is kelvin I am a good football from Nigeria. I need to become a professional footballer please look for and club for me

  25. Hi my name is Leevando Moodley from south Africa . I am 15 years old
    I am a left winger and have a really good play and i am looking foward to achieveing my dream thank u

  26. Hi I’m a very talented kid and a hardworking player but a talented player without an agent or scout is useless so please I’ll be waiting to hear from you

  27. I would urge to have an agent who will assist me in football am talented as a midfield player I play number 8 and 10

  28. My name Fredrick Hoamiah from Ghana Western region, l have young players in Western part of Ghana l need agent from outside to help those talented players

  29. Good day I am Abasiima Victor Bassey from Nigeria .I am a midfielder both are the left and right.i am 17years old and want to join football Acedemy.please I need your help.

  30. Hello who need a business footballer and a sharp shooter with finishing skills with a University degree, let’s be friends and achieve our desired goals with fame and glory

  31. Hi,my name is Michael Francis Lyñx Junior from Sierra Leone.Am poor but I want to play football abroad,am talented and my Town Coach use me as a winger.please can i play for your academy

  32. Hi,my name is Michael Francis Lyñx Junior from Sierra Leone.Am a 16 years old who wants to play European football.Am poor but am talented in football both in training and on the pitch.I played as a winger and also central forward.Please help me to achieve my dream of being a professional soccer player

  33. My name is vovwero from Nigeria. I am an attaching midfielder who have pace and can play with both foot.i really need international exposure

  34. Hello my name is Abraham and am looking
    For a professional football team to fullfill
    My dream of becoming a professional player
    And i play the role of a number 2 or 7

  35. Hello,
    My name is Desmond Bundi , am 15 yrs old. I play football in the grassroot of Kenya but lack of opportunity has kept me in my home. I’m interested to join a club abroad , please accept me. Thank you

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