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  1. I am a Right Winger,I love scoring goals and helping my team reach their goals and if you can get back to me,I promise not to disappoint you

  2. Hi am Brian yahud from Kenya am 18 yrs winger ambition to be the best winger am a fast-paced player and good at scoring

  3. Hey am George from Kenya ,am 21yrs old.i am winger or an attacking midfielder. I got my first professional contract back in Kenya when I was 18yrs from a club called Bandari Football Club.Currently I play for Bandari .I want to take my game to the next level so am asking for support to reach greater heights.Hope for you reply so God bless

  4. i am a teemager and i need a football scout i am very talented you will love the way i play all i need is a football scout or agent to help me make my dream come true i am a nigerian

  5. I am Destiny from Nigeria 🇳🇬
    Position: center forward(CF)
    Age: just turn 15
    Current Club: Javis football club in Nigeria football federation (NFF)
    Strength:weigh 41kg
    Am just looking for support

  6. My name is Shah Fahad and I am from Pakistan and I’m a good footballer and I am 20 years old and I want to play in Europe because my country is not saport to me and football so I don’t wested my talent so you give me plate form Thanks

  7. Hey my friends my name is Grey chizzy from Nigeria 🇳🇬 I’m here to introduce myself as future footballer I’m 17 years old I’m looking for sponsors that can take me to manchester united agent let my dreams come and past I’m working heard to make sure that small time from now I will join my favorite team manchester united

  8. Hi am QUINTINHO QUINTOS aged 19 wanna showcase my skills in the beautiful game a can do any thing on the ball dribbles speed shots passing discipline hope a can get a chance to show what a got@ my WhatsApp number+256779145945

  9. Hello I’m a 10 year old juventus academy with an average of 9/10 I’m im a pass finder can play St/lw/Rw/Gk/midfield I’m in the uae Dubai and I want to be better I’m always determined to be better my main skills are free kicks penalties control and passing the ball and
    Shooting thanks for any scout reading this feel free to email me >3Adam

  10. I’m Nwodo cornelius oluchukwu, am soccer player from Nigeria. I’m respectiful and consistent in area of my discipline I promise to be faithful in playing with any team. Thank you

  11. Please how are you doing ?
    We are SECOND DIVISION Football team base at OFFUMAN via TECHIMAN
    please we are contacting you how you can scout on players to europe.
    We have alot of talenteds footballers
    Yours faithfully.

  12. Hello, I’m Joseph I’m 15yrs of age. I’m 5ft 9inches tall , I play on the left and right wing, because I use both feets, I would love to play and get scouted for a club, but I don’t have the financial means to push myself, but I assure you I am very very hardworking, if given a chance I will prove myself

  13. Hi, my son’s name is Alexander Villarosa, 16 years old, from the Philippines. We are looking for someone to help him get a football scholarship or to become a professional football player.

    He played football since 3 years old, has won many tournaments and individual rewards. He was also chosen to participate in Barcelona football camp for free.

    Please message us at

    Thank you

  14. Hello my name is Jakub Kostrzewski and I’m looking for academy trials. I live in Demark and I am going to be 16 years old in August and I can play RW, LW. I am playing in my local club (Lynge Broby IF) for 10 years and have played school football only this year. I wish to get a trial anywhere because I have big dreams. Have a good day.

  15. I am a talent scout and I would like to inform your Excellency that I have a talented goalkeeper at the age of 18. He has quick reactions and the ability to build the attack from behind, and he has a good overview for the field. And actually any club can sign him for free because he wants to sign as a professional player.

    Kind regards and deepest gratitude and respect.

  16. My name is Ricardo prince Richard i’m from. Nigeria, i’m 17 years old, I am a good no: 9 and also a defender i have been searching for an opportunity please help. call: 09167586231

  17. Good evening,my name is Martins I’m a 17 year old football with hopes of playing football as a career to show the world the talent and footballing genius God has given me, I’m an attacker from the right wing(7),I can play with both feet,a goal scoring machine,a good tight space dribbler that can cut through tight spaces and be a play maker for my teammates.pls I’m anticipating positive response from any agent or scout that shows interest in me.thanks.

  18. Dear
    My name Is Best Irakoze, I was born on July the 11 2006. I would like to ask if You could help me get the opportunity to have a trials with an A league team ,I can play on both wingers and CAM I play for u16s A JPL Adelaide Croatia Raiders I’m the top Goal scorer of the u16s A Jpl. Thanks for your time I hope I can get the opportunity 🙏🏾

    Name : Best irakoze
    Number 0422163461

  19. my name is Danielson Okyere from Ghana, a young talent football player, I play in Ghana division ligue, l truly need your assistance to help me with my dream to be pro footballer, I will be forever in debt to you if you grant me the opportunity. thank you.

  20. Hi,my name is OWUSU DJAN.i am a football player in ghana.i am 19 years of age,I live in the village called suhum in Ghana. I played for the football club called suhum Royals fc (youth side). know i play for Amanasi soccer masters fc am defender can right/left and central defense, can play both footed also exceptional player.I would like to get more practice in your club to become a professional player.

  21. My name Gideon OY Mensah. I am a young talented football player who dream is to play in Europe and also as a professional footballer. I am 17 years old and am from Ghana. I really need an agent who can help me with this opportunities and can help me get a team or a manager who can help me get a team to start my career.
    My number +233555045350
    Thant you..

  22. HI.Im Essack Ricci. I am A Footballer From Italy But I’m In Kenya. I play In The All Striker Possition. I’M The Best Player At My Area’ Baringo’ and I can Assure You I Will Be One Of The Best Player In the World

  23. Hi,my name is OWUSU DJAN from Ghana.very good talented player am a central defender. Also both footed I can play right/left back.Am utility play too.I need help to achieve my dream

  24. I have very good players from Ghana I need trails and clubs for them please help me thank you my WhatsApp number

  25. I am 18 yrs old. I am a forward winger with a promising talent in soccer. I love soccer so much but need support to turn pro because I’m tied of youth soccer. If get anyone is willing to help this is my email Esther.nabanoba42gmail or WhatsApp number 0755239407.

  26. I am testimony am 14 I play as a winger and top 9 and I am from Nigeria and I need help because I love football and I want to play professional football and I love watching Sadie mane

  27. I am testimony I am looking for an agent please that will help me in my career I am a winger and a striker am I need help even just a small opportunity or just a trial in any country I am in Nigeria I want and willing to play football

  28. Hii my name is essey mulugeta iwant to play a football i am eritrean i am good playerr with skills and team work my dream is to be a pro player!!!
    Thank you !!!
    Phone number:+2917345235

  29. Hii my name is essey mulugeta iwant to play a football i am eritrean i am good player am an attack player & skills and team work my dream is to be a pro player!!!
    Thank you !!!
    Phone number:+2917345235

  30. Hii my name is essey mulugeta iwant to play a football i am eritrean i am good player am an attack player & i am good playerwith skills and team work my dream is to be a pro player!!!
    Thank you !!!
    Phone number:+2917345235

  31. Hello, I’m A Player From Nigeria
    Position :AMF (Attacking Midfielder)
    My All Time Best Is Delivering Lovely Passes To My Team mates in Any Part Of The Pitch

    I’ve Been Delivering Passes and Assists since I’ve been a Child

    I Really Hope A Scout Considers me…. I want to play For the Badge with all My Life

  32. I am looking for a contact in football scouting in the uk,as it is where I live.
    I support Cucuta Deportivo Colombia.And much travelling games in the Agula league each year.If I could get a foot in the door of some of the Clubs,possibly find some talent to bring to the UK,such as James Rodriguez, both he and his father played for Cucuta.
    Rodney Widdowson

  33. Am Ansong Alexander from Ghana. A young talented football player,
    left footed playing as an Attacking Midfielder and really need to make a great career of it. The world needs to enjoy me too.

  34. Hi,am feranmi by name 16years old girl i need someone to help me in this football my phone number is 07067850747

  35. Hi am David from the Gambia am 18 am a left winger/striker i have speed i can run very fast i can score goal

  36. Am Smanga from Free Starte Am a Center Back Playing with Both Feet Am Very on Marking Am Communicate with Other Players Am 16 years Old

  37. I would like to play for a professional club and show them what I can do on the pitch and bring success to the club

  38. Hello. My name is Anar. My son is one of the goalkeepers of the most well-groomed football team of Azerbaijan. He is a player of Garabakh FC. It is my dream to see him in the International arena. My son’s name is Ayhan Arazli. I am asking you to help me present it to the International arena through your website. With respect and honor, Anar Arazli

  39. I want to play in a football academy in London my number is +234 7026090445 and I am 13 years old, I am available for any team famous or not famous

  40. Hello I’m Eneojo from nigeria ,abuja I’m 16 turning 17 soon play as a left or right back .my abilities are one that are to be witnessed.would love to start for any professional team

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