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  1. Please my name is Isaiah Andoh,i am a young talented footballer but because I have no one to help push me, I am struggling in order to make my dreams come true, which is the reason why I have visited this site so that you may help me archive my dreams.
    Thank you.
    Isaiah Andoh
    Contact, +233578176040

  2. My name is aceano smith I’ve played semi professional football in UK I’ve played mens leauge teir 9 I’m now at a national leauge club in the UK and have also trained with a crawley u23 and I’m looking for a chance to play abroad in Europe

  3. Hello, Iam a poor 18 year old guy that every body says your game play is like Lionel messi
    But I dont have enough money to play football😢 Can you please help me?🙏🙏

  4. hello sir,my names are Arinze Dickson enyinnaya from 21 years old.i have been trying to know if I can get someone to manage me.i am a left footed winger that plays from both flanks.i also have eyes for in my country if you don’t have anyone that Will speak for you or take you to a club side even if you go for their screening the coach will reset you.i need help making it in life as a professional football player.hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Hello! My name is wasiu yusuf am from nigeria I am 16years old I stay in US Chicago I want to become a professional soccer player I need to get scouted thank you

  6. Hi, my name is Masi i have 22 years old, i came from Spain to try to play football in England. Actually I’m looking for some trial is some team like the one I had in Spain, the 4th category or the 5th of Spain, so I look for something similar. I have a small video and a CV to prove. Please it is very important for me, it is urgent, I would like you to answer me.

    Thank you very much.

  7. Hello my name is victor okorie i am 20yrs of age i’m from Nigeria i am right footed i can play as a left winger or a right back but i don’t have anyone nor any money to help me pursue my dreams which is why i’m here to ask for you to help me in achieving my dreams of playing European football this is my contact 08174978688 i’ll be waiting for your response

  8. Am Taiwo by name and am from nigeria,
    Am a talented footballer,my dream is to play football in some of the biggest clubs in europe and win trophies and also create a history that no one as ever did,
    But I have to start from somewhere,
    I will be so grateful if am considered and grant a chance to showcase my talent

  9. severally i have tried to archive my dreams of playing football, but all to no avail, no financial support, no connection, definitely talents are wasting here in africa. please help me archive my dreams so i can help others as well. am Justin from Nigeria but currently in Ghana. i will be happy if my request will be favorable considered. my contact +233262767746

  10. Hi!
    My name is Breinsmann from Ghana and i need help to play in some countries like USA, Uk, Canada, China and others..

  11. I play Right/left back. I am very fast. I didn’t have the money to play in the youth leagues that fed into the bigger clubs. I have gone to tryouts for all the semi-pro teams in my area. They tell me I have great soccer IQ, good skill set, great physical conditioning but I’m to small. I am 5’7”, 130lbs. At all the tryouts I take on the best and fastest forwards and shut them down. But in the US it seems they focus on size and money, both I don’t have. I play in the highest amateur premier men’s league hoping to get scouted but US teams only look for videos and what college you played for. I would like to get scouted and evaluated instead of paying money for teams to play 11v11 for 2 hours and call that a tryout.

  12. Hello My name is Bornface Sunzu I play in the Zambia Premier League. I am a defender and my height is 1.79. I am looking for a club in Europe any help will be greatly appreciated

  13. hey am katalish and really hoping to become football star but because i do not have the chance to expose my talent, so please i need some help if possible

  14. Hi I’m a 17 year old talented soccer player_I am looking for help so I can fulfill my dreams not to impress any one but I am doing this because I love it.. Pleases help me 0632035006

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