We currently have 752 players in our database.

9 responses to “Database

  1. Hello Players Are you a young footballer aspiring for greater heights?. Do you dream of playing your professional football in Europe? Do you need a platform to stand and be visible enough for European clubs to discover your amazing and skillful talent/display on the pitch of play?? If your answer is YES to the above questions…Then join us for the upcoming football trial programmed coming up starting from the month of January 2015 in Europe. Players must be between 15 and 30 years of can contact me on my email:

  2. hey, can you check on a player named Francisco Cabo? He is argentinian and went to play in Mexico and now is going to Italy to become professional. Thanks.

  3. Are you looking for an opportunity as a football player, a professional contract, a football Trial, a football academy, pick a free “Trial Application Form” with Van Spor FK, Turkey.

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    WhatsApp: +905343027001

  4. Dibba Al-Hisn Sports Club, United Arab Emirates is open once again for “Football Trials & Signing” of foreign players. Contact us with below WhatsApp Number or Email address for your Trials Application Form….
    WhatsApp: +971522927012….Email:

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