10 questions to Osame Sahraoui

10 questions to Osame Sahraoui

Osame Sahraoui

country: Norway/Morocco

date of birth: 11/06/2001

club: Vålerenga

position: attacking midfielder, winger

Your favorite position on the pitch:

My preferred position on the pitch is as a left winger, but I can occupy all the offensive positions on the team. Described as a technical player who is fast and has an excellent understanding of the game… often regarded and called “a can opener”.

What is your main strength:

Pace, holding on to the ball, passing, through balls, dribbling, technique, and good at accelerating across the pitch in quick bursts.

What is your main weakness:

Aerial duels and tackling.

Your favorite Vålerenga player:

My current agent Fellah Mohammed, when he played for Vålerenga.

Your favorite all-time player:

Diego Maradona and Zinedine Zidane.

The best U-21 player in world football:

I don’t have one.

The best player you have played with:

Have not met him yet.

The best player you have played against:

I can’t single anyone out.

Your biggest football dream:

I want to become a very well-known and successful player who plays for the best clubs in the world.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years:

I hope to play in one of the top 5 leagues in the world…

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