Luca Moro, the number 9 Italy didn’t know it needed by Gaspare Marsala

Luca Moro, the number 9 Italy didn’t know it needed by Gaspare Marsala

Full name: Luca Moro
Country: Italy
Date of Birth: 01/25/01 (21 years old)
Place Of Birth: Sant Elena Italy
Height: 1.89 m
Youth career: A.C Padova, Genoa, SPAL
Current club: Calcio Catania (Loan from Sassuolo)
Squad number: 24
National team: Italy U20
Position: Centre forward
Foot: Right
Market Value (by 2.200.000 Euros
Contract until: 30/06/22
Agent: Gr Sports

Rumors: Joined Sassuolo
Similar Type of Player: Edin Dzeko

Quotes: “I cannot wait to face off against Ibrahimovic, it would be a dream come true”





A striker on the rise. Luca Moro has been making headlines all season long, and now after signing his first Serie A contract with youth orientated Sassuolo he has the chance to prove that Italy has found its new number 9. Born January 25th 2001 in Sant Elena Italy Luca Moro has been kicking around the youth division since 2018 and making a nuisance of himself in the process, starting with hometown club Padova he went on to attract interest from multiple Italian based scouts leading to a journey through the Viareggio cup with Torino F.C in which he went on to score 2 goals in 4 appearances before ultimately making his return to Padova. After struggling to find first team game time Moro opted for a move to Serie A side Genoa’s youth academy, an experience that led to 10 goals in 22 appearances. Still unable to break into first team football Moro would once again move on this time over to Ferrara where he would Join the youth side of SPAL where another goal filled season followed with 8 goals coming from his 22 league matches. On August 31 2021 Luca Moro had decided to rejoin Padova for his 3rd stint this time as a first team regular, he had hopes to start his professional career on the right foot but was bitterly disappointed when only months later was sent on loan to Serie C side Catania, a move that would prove extremely effective as Moro managed an impressive 21 goals in his first 24 games in Sicily, a great way to start his professional career and get noticed.

Standing at 1,89 cm Moro brings with him the height and strength of a senior player, the calm and composure of a star goal scorer. A natural Centre forward Moro has been used more than once on either wing of the attack where he shows his versatility and speed but becomes his most effective self when he leads the attack. A good target point for a team, Luca shows time and time again his ability to take the ball down into his control with such ease and his ability to outmuscle his defenders and protect the ball at all costs has become a featured factor of his game. A sense for goal is an understatement when you consider he always finds himself in the right place at the right time and has the aged confidence to convert penalties at a phenomenal rate. A striker on a mission, will chase after every ball and not give the opposition a moment of rest, a constant threat in the box weather in the air or by foot Luca Moro has proven to be one of the most lethal strikers in the Italian 3rd division.

This season has already earned him his big move to the first division but he was loaned back to Catania to finish the incredible season he had started. Scoring 21 goals in 24 games with 3 assists is no easy task, especially for a player getting his first real opportunity in professional football. Proving his striking ability Moro has scored all of his goals this season from inside the box, a nightmare for defenses everywhere. He has offered up 59 percent of shots on target and 53 percent of dribbles completed confirming his footwork. A player that will get stuck in a tackle Moro has been involved in 352 50/50 challenges where he is always looking to turn a negative situation into a positive and with improvements being made every game his potential seems infinite. A call to The Italian Under 20 national team had been earned on November 11th of 2021 where Moro was able to feature in 2 games against Romania and the Czech Republic even managing to net a goal against the Czech side. As he progresses in his career Moro will no doubt make an influence on the International stage.

On the ball:

A player reliant on teamwork, Moro is someone who looks to involve teammates at every turn, he is the striker almost all playmakers’ dreams of. Whether it be playing a one two off of him or looking for the long ball, Luca Moro always seems to be ready to receive the ball and make something of it. Very attacking minded, Luca is not a player you give space to shoot because he will take the opportunity at all possibilities, his strength plays to his advantage when in tight spaces as he is able to muscle his way out of a host of scenarios, his reaction time makes him a weapon in front of goal and allows him to convert a higher number of chances. His stability in possession is rare for a player of his height and to knock him off the ball will take more than a little bit of effort as his fighting spirit keeps him pushing through opponents and his dribbling ability tough to contain.

Off the ball:

A good defensive header for set pieces, Moro’s physical attributes always help play a part when trying to break up opposition attacks, he is also very good at finding open pockets of space to run into allowing teammates to find him in a dangerous position. A hard worker on all fronts, Moro put his team first and in response he has found multiple goalscoring opportunities because of it.

With a future in Serie A not so far away we will definitely be seeing more of Luca Moro. A resilient player who has had to work hard over many years improving his skills until finally being put on display in professional football. Now displayed and purchased he will take his game to the next level of competition with hopes to improve and make a name for himself in the midst of greatness such as admitted hero Zlatan Ibrahimovic. A promising start for a striker on a mission who will look to prove his doubters wrong and make the leap to greatness.

Gaspare Marsala

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